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Ecological product for intimate female hygiene. Protect against contamination and maintain the natural pH balance of the vagina while in water.


What is ViProtect?

ViProtect is a German certified product for intimate hygiene. It protects against infections and preserves the natural pH balance of the vagina when in the sea, pool or SPA. ViProtect is reusable, made of environmentally friendly/ sustainable materials with care for the body and nature.


Why ViProtect?

Apart from polluted environment, another reason to develop an infection is by the chemicals used to treat swimming pools. When water enters the vagina, the balanced flora of the woman can be disturbed and this may lead to inflammation. When placed correctly, ViProtect guards the vagina from water penetration which provides the necessary protection of the natural environment and does not cause discomfort.


ViProtect offers protection against pollution and preserves the natural pH of the vagina when visiting the beach, swimming pools or spa

What else do we need to know for ViProtect?

The vaginal protector is made from soft anti-allergic medical silicone and is applicable up to 10 hours when using artificial and natural water basins. It does not change the natural flora of the vagina, does not cause allergies and does not create conditions for inflammation of the urinary tract. Properly used and stored, it can be used for up to 3 years.


Advantages of ViProtect

Express delivery throughout the country

We can deliver your ViProtect within 48 hours of ordering

Online consultation

Do you have questions? Our consultants will answer you as soon as possible

Premium materials

The vaginal protector is recyclable and does not contain BPA and Latex

Save money with ViProtect

You can use it repeatedly and save money